Poorly Hubby

My darling hubby is in hospital. Which is the best place for him, as he's been suffering so badly. Finally we know why! He needs his gall-bladder out but it's so inflammed right now, they have to stabilize his inflammation and treat the pain, so it's four days without his wonderful sense of humour keeping us all smiling. I haven't even been able to visit him yesterday, because my small dude is running a high fever! So grateful to one of my lovely pals who will be coming over tonight to babysit, so I can pop in and give my hubby a little visit to lift his spirits. Georgie has been busy colouring up a sweet digi from Sliekjes blog to give to her papa. He doesn't have a broken leg, but we thought it still fitted the occasion perfectly. Will update with pic, when she's finished.

Off to start packing for our house shift this weekend. Wondering if there's anything else the Universe would like to throw at me right now?!!! Thanks for popping in. Wends x


June Nelson said…
Aw hun you have my deepest sympathy on this one, its five years since I had mine out, I had eight years of chronic pain and inflammation and they wouldnt believe it was my gallbladder until it came out and it was a right state, im sure your hubby will be fine darlin, but its rotten for him, take care big huggies for both of you. love June xxxx
Unknown said…
Hi Nenny,
Sorry to hear that; hopefully you'll have him back soon as new!

Take care,
Hazel said…
Hey nenny

Hope your hubby is well soon.

Thinking of you all.

Thanks for dropping by to see me and leaving me some lovely comments.

Ta ta for now.

Hazel x
Unknown said…
I hope your hubby is well soon , how worrying for you, all my love Big Hugs Elaine
Sylvia Zet said…
Sending big hugs along your way Nenny. Hope everything will be better soon. I wish lots of health to your hubby.

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