I'm back online! Thanks to my clever hubby, who has managed to boost the WiFi connection, so it runs the full length of the house. I have been missing getting my daily fix of crafty inspiration from all my favourite blogs out there. So I'm super excited to be back online.

It seems a lifetime ago my hubby was in hospital. He was so sick and it was such a stressful time! But he's out of hospital, minus his gall-bladder and is recovering so well. Can't believe how long he's suffered. Misdiagnosed twice by our GP! I managed to shift house while he was in hospital and put our house on the market. What a mission! I've been in 'survival mode' for the past few weeks and have missed so much having an internet connection, as crafting and checking in with my fav' blogs is such a great way to relax and so stress relieving! So I'm stoked to be back online now.

Missed you all like crazy!! Mwah, Wends xxx


Unknown said…
Glad to hear your husband is recovering well. Really? You were without Internbet for that long? Gosh; 10 minutes for me and I tend to go insane.

Pop's Cards said…
Sorry I have not been by for a while, stressful this having your house made wheelchair friendly,,,,,I am shattered...

Glad hubby is on the mend and you must be stressed out too, ((((HUGS))))
Unknown said…
I am so pleased your husband is doing well it must have been awful for you. Glad you have your internet fixed too Take care hugs Elaine

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