Christmas Fun

I've been having fun yesterday and today with my kiddos, getting little corners set up with our Christmas treasures. So I thought I'd share a couple of photos with you. I'm still to find all the nativity pieces, so that will have to follow later. But I did find the box with my gorgeous Swedish Tomtens, so they have found their little corner and I've set up my gorgeous German snowy village which was a gift from my darling Welsh pals daddy. Love both these little corners in our lounge right now and the tree is glowing beautifully with all the decorations my kiddos put up. They basically trimmed the whole tree between the two of them! First year that has happened. So was a very sweet thing to behold. I haven't found all our Christmas boxes yet, so we're missing our fairy, but at least we had everything else to trim the tree. 

The Tomten's with a portrait of my daughter by my talented photographer sister Jani Shepherd.

I love these Swedish decorations. It's fair to say I have a slight obsession with them, which my Swedish best mate can vouch for! I had us hunting all over Malmö for these treasures to bring home! I think I could still do with a few more, LOL.

I had to add the 'postcard' frame to this, as it really did look like it belonged on a postcard!

This gift is so special and such a treasure for us to look forward to using every Christmas. The story behind it and the memories it represents for us, will stay with us forever.


These two little cuties were bought in Denmark when my Georgie was little and we had been visiting our Scandinavian best mates in Sweden. They have a boy only a couple of weeks older than Georgie. So when I hang these two, it reminds me of that time and those special people in our lives.

My lovely Robin - a gift from a special pal I miss so much.

A special gift from my darling Swedish pal.

My little guy, his first year properly helping to trim the tree.

My daughter enjoying the tree trimming.

It was such a fun and rather surreal moment, when I asked the kiddos if they would like to trim the tree and they both disappeared for a few minutes, arriving back in their dress-up Santa costumes! So sweet and totally their idea! I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well too and you're enjoying the season. I'll be back soon with some cards. But couldn't resist sharing our Christmas adventures today. Hugs, Wends x


Loopylou. said…
I love this post Wendy,its wonderful! has given me an idea! huge hugs and love to you all
Lou xxx
Elise said…
Hmmmm .. not sure if my comment went through. :( I'll try again ..
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photo's with us of your family! Your children are DARLING!!! :)

Big Hugs,
Donna Mosley said…
Gorgeous photos Wendy. :o)

Donna x
Elaine said…
Fabulous photos Wendy, and all your Christmas decorations are so beautiful!
I've not even thought about Christmas yet! I am going down to London to see my boy this weekend and then I must start on the gift shopping when I get back.
We do have the tree up and the nativity, that's the hubby's job and the only contribution he makes towards Christmas!

Beautiful children ♥

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

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