Whimsy Stamps ~ My Top 9 of 2020

Happy New Year my lovely crafty pals! Woohoo, I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels to put 2020 behind me! There have been good moments sure, but honestly, that year was a stinker on far too many levels to share! So glad to be moving into a new year, with new hopes and dreams. I hope you've all survived 2021 without too much trauma and wish you all a beautiful year. The realist in me says we have to hang on for a little bit yet, but oh the optimist in me just wants to the slam the door in the face of that thought! One sweet thing that has kept me smiling and feeling the joy in 2020, has been my crafting. Ya'll know how much I love Whimsy and so it'll be no surprise that my Top 9 creations are all Whimsy ones! In fact, I made two, because I love Christmas crafting, (shame on me that I didn't send a single Christmas card this year! But not entirely surprising with how this year rolled!) so I've made a second Top 9 showing my Christmas creations too. 

I made a banner for those who'd like to share their Top 9 Whimsy makes to join in too on our Whimsy Facebook page. Feel free to grab the banner if you'd like to join in with us! You don't have to do 9, I just find this is a nice way to share and it's easy to make a collage of 9 images. I used BeFunky's free collage maker if you'd also like to have a go. 

I had such a tough time deciding which creations to include, honestly, I'd like to have put a few more Halloween ones in, but I couldn't choose what to take out! These are for sure some of my favourites, either because I got adventurous with the colouring or loved the design or the image, they just really are fav's and well that central one, kinda just sums up the year don't ya think?! I snuck a similar one in below too, hehe.

I was chasing my tail getting ready for Christmas, oh the bliss to have a few days 'off' and not have to worry about being somewhere else. I have felt pulled in so many different directions this year, that to stand still and just 'be' during Christmas has been blissful. I honestly cannot believe that even for my family, I had wrapped their parcels and prepped my share of the Christmas food etc, and walked out of the house without ANY of their handmade cards! They were all sitting on the piano top waiting to come with! Sigh, what a numpty! My brother bless him, organised all the older kiddies gifts this year, so he had come and taken a few of the cards for them, so at least they got theirs! Which included my two kiddies, so two of those cards came back to ours! One of which, I've not even properly shared yet! So will do that his month for sure. 

Our brand new release for the New Year is now live over on the Whimsy blog, you can head there via the banner above. I'll be back in a little while to share the creations I've made for the New Release. I really do love digital and all it's benefits. I had loads of fun getting 'creative' with the digital images for this release. All to be revealed soon, I promise! Until then, Happy New Year, stay safe, well and happy! Hugs xoxo


Chris said…
Happy New Year Wends! I have to say that like most people I know I'm glad to see the back of the last one- I'm looking forward to 2021 with great optimism- I know it will take a while yet for things to improve here (it's not good at all) but now we have the vaccine we can anticipate the day that we we will be able to see -and safely hug!-our family and friends again!
All your cards are fabulous Wends, you create such wonderful designs with these sweet images.
Dawn T said…
Happy New Year Wendy. Two sets of beautifully cards. Crafting has been a saviour during 2020 that's for sure.
Oh Wends, sounds as though 2020 was a really tough year for you - I hope this year is calmer!
Love both your selections of cards - they are all gorgeous
Stay safe
Faye Wynn-Jones said…
Loving your top '9' Wends ;) All fab cards. I'm about to have a look and see if I can find 9...
Wishing you a safe and healthy 2021 x
Fikreta said…
all are so beautiful cards!
Happy New year!

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