Sad Face... Repost

I'm reposting this, in the hope that I might get some more advice from my lovely crafty pals out there. I really am torn as to whether to buy another Big Shot or try a Cuttlebug. Any advice would be gratefully received!


Last night, my Sizzix Big Shot broke, or I broke it, not sure which!!! It hasn't been used overly much, as I rarely get time to craft, but it has been 'stiff' to pull the dies through for some time or from memory really from the beginning. The top sandwich layer has always curled within a short space of time and I'm on my third one! When my hubby pulled the handle off to see why it wasn't working, all the 'teeth' were burred! Has anyone else out there had this trouble with their Big Shot?

I'm just wondering whether I should replace it with a Cuttlebug, or if it was just bad luck and a dud machine. Any advice I'd love to hear!! I'd really prefer to stick with a Big Shot as I've a number of their dies and I'm not sure if the Cuttlebug takes them all, so anyone in the know who has some stellar advice for me, I'd love to hear from you! Bear in mind, it'll have to be transported back to New Zealand soon too, so I need something sturdy to go the distance.

Thanks and biggest hugs, Wends xxx


Penni said…
Hi Wends - Thanks for visiting my blog and viewing my Video on the SC Channel.

As for your Big Shot, it sound as though it might have been damaged from the start. I have never had any problems with mine and I have had it years. Also, it is a very sturdy machine and I wouldn't expect it to break. I also have a Sizzix Pro and have never had any problems with either of them.

Depending on how long you have had your machine, it might be worth contacting Sizzix for advice. You can find customer support via their website

Hope this helps.


June Nelson said…
Hiya hunnie I have a cuttlebug, ive never had a bigshot, but I bought a grand calibur and love it, it cuts bigger than the cuttlebug,but mind you a couple of the cuttlebug dies, ie the corner die will not work even with a shim in the grand calibur, but all in all its fabby and worth buying hope that helps sweets big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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