I've discovered since coming back to New Zealand, that we are an island, yep, knew that, but I mean, we are an island! At the bottom of the world, very far away from the rest of the world. That means, everything that has to come here, has to travel hundreds of miles, which means, mucho moula for everything! I never really thought about that when I lived here previously, things just cost what they cost, but having returned from 13 years living in the UK, where there is a huge amount of competition in the market place which drives prices down, I notice the difference! I'm not talking a few pennies more, I'm talking double, triple sometimes four times the price I would have paid for things in the UK. Soooooo imagine my huge joy, when just as I was about to take my weary bones off to bed last night, I just peeped at my Bloglovin' feed, to find I had won Hazel Conboy's lovely Hobby House candy!! Woop woop, cannot tell you how joyful that makes me right now! I'm super excited for the arrival of all this lovely stash and I'm clearing my craft desk to make room!!! Here's a pic of the lovely stash, so you can share in my joy.   :) :)

Please do check out Hazel's fabulous blog too, she's such an inspiring crafter. I've been following her work for years through UK craft magazines and this past year through her blog. She's injured right now, so no new cards for the time being, but check out her past makes, they're amazing!! I do regularly!!

I'll be AWOL for the next few days, as our first British visitors (one of my best British buddies and her family) are arriving tomorrow (which I'm squealy excited about!) and then my hubby's folks are up for the weekend. So I've a full diary for the next few days, there'll be no blogging time :(  But I'll be back next week, with the card I made my hubby for his birthday last weekend and a couple of other ones I've been working on. I know, I'm pants really, a card here, some family photos there, call myself a blogger?!!

Thanks for popping in, love it when you do xxx


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