Thanks Mo - Woop woop!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday evening, as I was finishing up some blog visits. I discovered that I'd won a prize from Mo's Digital Pencil for commenting on their recent bloghop! Super excited and rather chuffed as I'm missing all my stash so much and feeling in a bit of a funk right now without it all, so this was a welcome and wonderful lift of my spirits!!

I chose the fabulous Dragon Hugs from Mo Manning as my prize, which I'm hoping I'll be able to colour up for Zac's birthday when my stash finally arrives. My little dude turns 3 in May and he's at such a cute age and stage right now. He's really asserting his will which is both funny and frustrating at the same time! So hard to keep a straight face when I'm having to reign him in if he's getting too determined.

I never knew I could love a little dude like I love him. I was so besotted with his big sis and thought all my dreams had come at once when I had my girlie. Just between you and me, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel having a boy. I knew what to do with a girl and I loved so much all the pretty dresses and girlie fun. Having a boy, was kinda not on my radar! But oh oh oh, what joy, what mischief, what fun, he has brought into our lives! I could not love my little dude anymore if I tried. He is utterly delicious in all his mischief and mayhem.

So it's going to be fun and fabulous colouring up this lovely image from Mo's Digital Pencil for his birthday, now if only MAF and customs would release our container so I can have all my lovely stash!!

Thanks for your visit today. I love it when you drop in. Stop for a coffee next time. Hugs, Wends xxx


Tracy said…
Congrats on your win Wendy! I'm sure you'll come up with an amazing card when you finally get hands on your supplies. :-) Hugs and happy weekend!

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