Sneak Peek...

I don't have a card today, lots to do and no time to do it in, but thought I'd pop up a shot of a couple of images I've been colouring lately. Very close to finishing one of them, so watch this space ;)

(Woops, sorry folks, have had to take the photos down. There are too many people out there who seem to think it's okay to steal the work of others. There's been so much pinning of artists work that I love and admire illegally on Pinterest, and now apparently, there are those out there, who would take images, we've paid for and coloured and then print and sell them on eBay! What is the world coming to?!!! I support and admire the artists who's work I colour and use for my cards, so not wishing to do anything to fuel the fire of image theft, I have removed the images I posted, as they weren't water marked. Once I learn how to do this, I'll repost. Thanks for reading.)

Thanks for popping in, I love our lil' visits and I'll be back soon with some makes. Catch ya'll again soon. Hugs, Wends xxxx


Pop's Cards said…
Good morning sweetie (or night) I love both of these and cannot wait to see what you create with them, hope all is well with you all, huggles Pops x x xxx

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