Zac Attack

I have a small boy, who get's into big mischief, so we've sorta coined the phrase 'Zac Attack' for whenever the lil' dude has been into mischief again. Today though, delightfully, I just want to share a Zac Attack of the art persuasion! Mo is having a kids challenge right now, so when he saw his big sis doing some colouring, he thought he'd give it a go too and the team from Mo's have reassured me they can each enter the competition. So this is Zac's contribution...


Here's the lil' dude in full swing, doing his thing...


We've made this for another little dude who we just love, that's back in the UK, to celebrate his birthday. The two boys used to have huge amounts of fun blowing bubbles together. So this is the perfect pic from Mo, to celebrate Eric's birthday.

Here now, is the final pic, which shows it made up into a card. I think it rocks for my boys first attempt at a handmade card. I love it, and I'm pretty sure Eric will too.


Just had to pop this song on too, as this image for some strange reason (LOL) reminds me of this song!... Surely I'm not old enough even to know it!!! Enjoy xxx

Well that's the entry for Mo's competition from Zac, but here for your viewing pleasure ;) are another couple of pics of some sweet Mo images that Georgie and Zac put together. They coloured a Gingerbread Man each and then Georgie made it into a door hanger for their bedroom door. The final pic is another lovely image from Mo that Georgie's been working on, which we'll make up into a card at a later date. Thanks for looking today. Hope you all enjoyed the tour through my kiddos creative moments xxx


My Georgie, hard at work colouring her latest Mo image.

And here, is the finished image. Didn't she do well! Love her colouring on this. All her! Mama just added some glossy accents to the glasses. I think she did a fab job with this image. Shame we already entered her card for Mo's challenge. Oh well, there's always next time! So that's all from us folks. Catch ya again soon.



Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge Blog ~ #188 Challenge for Children of All Ages - Zac won this challenge! Woohoo!!!


Loopylou. said…
awww they are all awesome, super well done Georgie and Zac
huge hugs Lou xxx
Debbie said…
Well, I have to say I love the phrase "Zac Attack"... How cute is that, and how cute is the card he created, and how perfect it is for his bubble blowing buddy. I am so glad he and his sister Georgia joined in this week for our Children's challenge. Good Luck

Franz♥ said…
Thank you very much to Zac and Georgia for joining us at Mo's Challenge blog! We are soooo glad to have you for our children challenge :) Zac's friend is very lucky to receive this and he chosen the perfect image for him!

...and thank you Wendy for let them play :*

Hugs, Franz.
Pat said…
Hey Zac...I am so glad that you decided to join us for this week's challenge at Mo's! You did a such a fabulous job on hyour coloring!! And I just love the photo of you making your project!! You are quite a handsome little guy! I think I already commented on Georgie's card...which is stunning! Thanks for double checking, would have been such a shame if BOTH of your talented children hadn't entered this weeks challenge!! Hugs. Pat Frank
Mau xx said…
Wow! what super cards, You are going to be a super artist Zac.
Well done Georgie, you really are very talented and I can see a wonderful cardmaker in you just like your mum.
Hugs Mau xx
Love your little man's card. So sweet...
Your daughter did a fantastic job coloring the Fabulous image.
You have very talented children. Good job to both of them.

Maryann Laursen said…
Both cards are so great, and I just love the little story about his little bubble friend too. What a wonderful birthdaycard to recieve from ones best friend, and such an awesome one even.
And Georgie´s card are really awesome too, and she´s such a great colorer, that I´m all envious on those skills. I could never color anything that beautiful myself. Well done kids, you really did a great job, and I´m very sure your mum is as proud as can ever be with these. I love them both.

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