Whimsy Stamps ~ Nightmarish Halloween

Hey crafty friends, I'm back with another creation from the latest release featuring a quirky and fun set which totally appeals to my quirkier side! It reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas and may have drawn some inspiration from that as it's called Nightmarish! I channelled memories of some rather intense and slightly stressful Halloween Trick or Treating with the kids when they were younger to create this chaos filled every which way Halloween Night Scene. I have memories of one year in particular when we chose a well loved Halloween street to Trick or Treat, but encountered a couple of homes that ought to have come with a 'not for children' warning as their decorations and make up were so realistic and looked like scenes straight out of very scary adult horror movies, had me scared and all! Turns out they were actually make up artists in the film industry! Needless to say, we avoided those houses the next couple of years. 

So here's my eclectic and slightly frantic stamped scene. I have words saying 'this way' and 'that way', 'candy', 'if you dare' all to suggest this is Halloween night with kids coming and going every which (or witch) way hunting down the best candy! I opted to watercolour this scene, but I'm still a novice with watercolours and I think I made a mistake between my medium and paper. I chose a textured watercolour paper which works great with ink like Distress Watercolour, but I don't think it was the right choice for the Aquamarker pens I used as they pilled the paper quite badly in places. I was on a deadline, so no time to redo, but I did go back over the eyes of the middle pumpkin, as the eyes bled a little when I tried to darken them making that punkin' look proper sleuky! It's Halloween though right, so do I just roll with it? What would you do? I've got another paper type poised to try and could layer another pumpkin over that central one, but I'm otherwise pretty pleased with this crazy but fun little scene! 

I've added a few sparkly details on some of the characters, both wee ghosts have sparkly hats, the pink one I haven't managed to capture a good shot of the sparkle, but in the shot above, this wee ghosts hat has caught the light nicely and shows the sparkle quite well.

Even the wee worm has a sparkly hat! I also ran my sparkle pen over the arrows and other little whimsical details. There's quite a lot of sparkle on the 'moon' in the corner, but I've not captured a good still of that either. I'll have to try to do a reel, to show some of these details better, just juggling lots right now, so may not happen for a few days yet. 

Our amazing Whimsy teams have made some incredible creations with this latest release, so be sure to pop into the store via the banner above to check out the store samples, because honestly, that stop is inspiration station right there! Thanks so much for popping in to visit, I appreciate each and every comment that is left and please know I read them all and try to visit as often as I can too. I will be back before long with another crafty adventure, but until then, have a wonderful week and I hope you have some fun crafty 'you' time too xoxo

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Dawn T said…
Super spooky Wendy. Great card.
Sarah said…
I am really enjoying seeing your halloween cards Wends, your enthusiasm for making them really shows with all the little details, the stripy worm with the sparkly hat in particular on this one!! xx

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