Whimsy Stamps ~ Sonic Fun with Animal Tiles

Crafty friends, yesterday was my littlest boy's 12th birthday. It was a day filled with fun and laughter, loudness and mayhem as we gathered 6 friends together to play a game of 'Munchkins'. Oh the silliness and mischief from these 6! I wasn't sure how it would go hosting a 'Table Top Gaming Party' for Zac, but it was a huge success and everyone had a total blast! My little guy, who is a gamer geek from the get go, of course needed a game themed handmade birthday card from his mumma. I've done a Space Invaders card a previous year, one to represent Spyro The Dragon, a cute one that was space themed another year, for his 7th birthday I used a super cute gamer image and I even did a leap-pad themed one for his third birthday, because honestly, he has made a beeline for all things techy since he was so small! This year, thanks to a Whimsy Stamps Animal Tiles Stamp set, I came up with the idea to do a Sonic the Hedgehog card! So I've added Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to this creation.

Now you do need some 'suspension if disbelief' here. Knuckles is clearly an Echidna, not a Skunk, but I'm hoping you'll just roll with it, Zac totally 'got it' and was delighted with his Sonic the Hedgehog creation. Right down to the little 'gold ring' shaker elements, perfect for this theme! Those were in my stash from a local craft store, but the rest of the shaker elements are from the fabulous 'This Calls for Confetti' range at Whimsy Stamps. I used the set that was created specifically for 'Whimsy' in their signature blue. Perfect for the Sonic Blue in this creation. I think the shaker elements add the perfect little touch. I had so much fun creating this card and the shape of the tapered slimline dies I used I think were perfect for hinting at the speedy nature of these characters, giving that sense of movement away from the foreground. Well, that was my thinking at least and I love how it looks.

Zac woke on his birthday to a pile of pressies on the table, which I've done previous years. But Zac told me a few days before his birthday this year, that this was a tradition he really loves, so of course I had to be sure to do this again for him this year. I don't actually give the pressies all at once, we spread the fun through the day. So there's a 'wake up' pressie, a breakfast pressie, a morning tea pressie, a lunch pressie, an afternoon tea pressie, a dinner pressie and a bedtime pressie. I often wrap a couple of little pressies together to make one parcel, but try to stick to the seven pressies to open and the kids have always loved this tradition too. One I learnt from my mumma and loved as a kiddie myself, so we carry on this birthday tradition and make the pressie fun last all day.

Thanks for popping in today and sharing a little of our birthday excitement. This is the last year before my wee lad is a teenager. He's such a cutie and has such a sweet soul, if only I could save time in a bottle! But grow they must and grow they will. But it's oh so lovely to make some small boy birthday dreams come true, which we did with his fun party and a few little birthday treats, like breakfast in bed, his pressie pile and of course his noisy but fun birthday 'games' party. 

We have such a fun release over at Whimsy right now, there are dinosaurs galore! If I could have got the stamps sets to me quickly they'd have made a great extra card to go with Zac's dinosaur wrapping paper! You can see this amazing release via the banner above and all the elements I've used for todays creation are shown in the thumbnails below. I'm off to have some more leftover birthday snacks and some fun with my littlest laddo. Until next time, happy crafting xoxo


What a fabulous and perfectly themed card for your lad, Wends! Love it.
My DGD had a 12 yr old party recently, 6 guests that sounded like 12 sometimes!- it was art themed with small canvas's and oil paint available (outside, thankfully it was sunny) - it went down a treat.
Dawn T said…
stunning card Wendy. Looks like Zac had a great birthday. Where has the time gone!
Chris said…
You designed the perfect card for Zac, bet he was delighted with it! Glad he had such a wonderful fun filled birthday- love your pressie giving tradition, what a great way to make the excitement last all day.

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