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There are not enough tears...

Well I'm not doing quite so well this week. There are not enough tears, to wipe the stain from my lovely country over the events of this past Friday. It is a week today since the most brutal hate crime that our country has ever seen and we still rock in the quake of it...

After an amazing day last Friday in the city, attending a Climate Strike with my teenage daughter, where optimism flowed and the message was positive and unifying. We arrived home from our big day out, to news of the Christchurch massacres. I have been heartbroken and outraged ever since. Taking my son to school on Monday, where we gathered flowers to be taken later to our local mosque, was a moment of heartbreaking beauty. Both our kids schools have responded to this event with such heart and positivity. I feel still so shocked that this happened on our shores. Despite my belief that New Zealand embraced the cultural diversity of our peoples, that we are a tolerant nation that practices inclusion and celebrates…

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