Tuesday, 19 June 2012

One of those days...

I'm having 'one of those days'.... full of a horrible cold and my little man is suffering too, but being oh so cute despite it.

I've taken a moment before starting my adventures for the day with my small boy to check out my fav' blogs for inspiration and just to give me that 'feel good factor' to start my day.

Have to share with you this cool link. Krista Smith from Saturated Canary is one of my favourite artists and she has a super fun blog, that celebrates her talent and life in general. Today she's giving away the cutest lil' camera I've ever seen! Check it out...

Hope it makes you smile too!!! Hugs, Wends xxxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lucky Me - Part Two

I've had a fabulous week away with my hubby and babes in Scotland and the Lake District. Totally refreshing and rejuvenating, though we could have done without the colds we picked up when we got drenched in the very wet Lake District. That was a bit of a wash out (pardon the pun), but we still managed to have a fabulous time at the Beatrix Potter museum. I highly recommend that as a fun family day out.

I've been feeling poorly all weekend with this lousy cold, so as if on cue, to cheer me up, I received a very lovely parcel from Bev Rochester today. The papers I'd won in one of her stash give-away's has arrived and can I just say they are so so delish! I'm so excited, as they are completely different to anything else I have in my stash, so I now have a fab variety. I have been struggling to find nice purple papers, and there are several really lovely ones in the pack, so I'm chuffed to bits! There were even some Maja Design papers, which come from Sweden and are hard to get hold of over here, so I feel well and truly spoilt! They are my current fav, so it's a super treat!! I have been haranging my darling Swedish buddy to snag me some, but will be able to wait a bit now. :)

Thank you lovely Bev for your very generous and wonderful gift. I am sincerely grateful and may just take a minute to dance another little jig tonight I'm so happy! While I do that, have a look at my lovely new stash - woohoo! :)

 Such a generous number of papers, yet to count how many, but it looks like HEAPS!

I had to split the pack to get them all in a photo, so here's the second lot.

Thanks for looking today, I hope I haven't made you too jealous! 
Hugs to you all out there in the wonderful crafty Blogaverse, Wends x

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