Whimsy Weekend ~ Zombody Give Me Some Coffee!

Hey lovelies, I'm swinging in today briefly to share another Whimsy creation using one of our current release from the digital collection. I had such fun with this, most especially because I did something a little different with it! Those of you who know me well, will know I'm a total wuss! I don't do gore, or horror or anything remotely truly scary, I don't have the stomach for it. So it was particularly amusing to me, when my small boy seeing this creation said, "Mummy, can you cover that up, it's really 'gross'!". I guess he is his mama's boy and when I asked why he thought it was so gross, apparently the blood shot eye pushed it over the edge!! Which I think is really funny, as it was a last minute addition and I struggled to get it to look quite right. I ended up adding white pen on top of some extra squiggles as it was a bit overpowering. Fewer red lines looked better. I think I totally achieved my 'first thing in the morning, bleary eyed, give this mama some coffee' look! I really am not a morning person. I am SO not an early bird, and can't say I'm really a night owl anymore either, lately, I'm some form of permanently exhausted pigeon! Hehe, totally stole that, but it's so true!! 

Now if you've seen this image in the Whimsy Store, you'll recognise that it's actually a 'boy'! But with the addition of some pigtails, I turned this cutie into a wee girlie, to resemble this crazy tired mama. Fun right?! I turned her skin a zombie shade of pale and used the largest aperture from the Wonky Window Die 1 frame from Whimsy to create a fun frame shape for this tired lil' Zombie mama. I opted for another fun 'wobbly' shape for the sentiment, which comes from the Wavy Nested Frames die set. The fabulous paper is from the Whimsy Stamps Licorice paper set and the final touch was a skull cut from shiny black paper using the Dracula's Coffin die set.

I've been at my mummy's again today boxing, packing, shifting her house full of memories and love. It's the end of an era for my mama and it's taking time to go through all her treasures and work out what needs to stay and what needs to go. I'll be back there again tomorrow and fingers crossed all going well, the last of her things will be moved down to the garage, so that the contractors can come on Monday and give her lil' home a bit of a spruce up ready to either sell or rent. We're not quite sure yet which, but one thing is for sure, with four flights of stairs and no elevator, it's time to move on. 

I'm incredibly fortunate to have lots of siblings, so the packing and shifting has been shared amongst us all and together, we've made a pretty great team, helping Mum sort through years of gathered treasures, many of which are artwork and other 'little people' treasures from our younger years and now our children too. So there are lots of 'keeper' piles to put into treasure books etc. What a mammoth job but how lovely to do this while Mum is with us to laugh and reminisce with. It feels like yesterday and yet a lifetime ago, we had to go through Daddy's things and sort out his treasures. Many too, were paintings and letters and little keepsakes from us kids. Totally broke my heart to do it in the wake of losing him. Much nicer to sort through Mummy's treasures whilst she's still with us to have a giggle with! She has an exciting adventure ahead of her too, with a lovely new home very near us, which is wonderful. So it's full steam ahead making this dream come true.

Thanks for stopping in to visit. I'm sorry I'm not getting around to visit you all at the moment, but hopefully very soon, I'll be able to again, as life settles down a little bit. Things really have been whirlwind lately and I'm finding it hard to keep up, but I will be popping in to visit as soon as I'm able. Big hugs and have a happy creative week! xoxo


Claire said…
This is such a fun card. I love the image
Claire Mrs H's Crafty Corner
Chris said…
Cute and fun card Wends- the little zombie still isn't scary despite the bloodshot eye! Looks like I feel when I'm needing a coffee fix! Hope your Mum is very happy in her new home- it does sound as if it's time for her to move on and I'm sure she'll love living closer to her lovely family.
Faye Wynn-Jones said…
Love this card. The colours are fab. Big hugs x
Pat said…
Great Halloween card with a super cute image and colouring We do.

Pat xx
Sarah said…
A great card Wends and I love how you have adapted him into a her!! The bleary eyes are something I am familiar with at the moment as I am not sleeping too well at the moment!! Lush papers too. What a task for you all but at least your whole family all get to share the treasures together xx
mixamatoasties said…
That's brilliant! Love how you changed the image to a girl with her pigtails. Inspired.

Hope all well xx
Bev said…
That's got to be the cutest lil' zombie on the block! Absolutely fabulous card sweets xo

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