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Hello, hello friends, I'm back again today with a fun Trifold Card creation featuring the ever so cute Boo Ghosts by Krista Heij-Barber. This set is so cute and I had such fun creating this montage of little scenes for the card. This will be photo heavy, I apologise in advance!

This fabulous card base was created with the Whimsy Stamps Trifold Card Die Set. It's a fun set which cuts these ready made windows into the trifold design ready to be decorated. I've wanted to get this die for a while, but only did recently and this is my first time using it. It makes a really lovely mini slimline size card when it's folded. 

The window elements can be folded with either option in front. I chose to have the smaller windows behind the larger ones, so when closed, they made a nice layered frame. I decided to add an extra ghost in front of the middle scene I created, as an extra peek-a-boo feature, as when you open that flap, you see the back of him, which I created by stamping in a watermark ink and then fussy cutting out the design. I then hand drew in the features to match the hat etc on the front. I've been meaning to get the plain rubber blank from Whimsy for a while, (brilliant for reversing stamped images) which would have made this easier, but managed to do it still, with a bit of careful planning. So I glued the front of the ghost across the front of the middle aperture on the card front and then added the back of the ghost across the inside of that middle aperture, a fun little surprise as you open that first flap.

For the opposing flap with the smaller apertures, I took a piece of cardstock cut to size to fit inside the flap and closed the flap over it and with a glitter pen, sketched the edge of the aperture, so I could tell what would be visible when I was planning my stamped scene. Then I added the stamping as I wanted it to appear inside each aperture. I used Memento Ink for this, so I could colour the scene with my Copic Markers. 

I coloured each little scene and then I took my craft knife and trimmed a few of the elements which I wanted to appear in the scene, but were outside the edge of the aperture. The moon and star on the middle aperture and the edge of the tiny ghost in the scene at the bottom. I added the panel in place, carefully lifting those cut elements over the circle edge before gluing in place, to ensure they were visible and each scene lined up nicely.

Once I'd added the coloured scenes, it was necessary to cover the back of the colouring, so you didn't open the card to the bleed through of Copic colours on the back of the scene. Not the prettiest of scenes. So I chose a paper which toned oh so perfectly with the colours I'd used for my ghosties. You might think I'd chosen the paper ahead of the colouring, but I'm just not that organised, so it was a truly happy accident, how well the paper toned! I toyed with adding another sentiment over the paper, or sneaking in another little ghost into the scene, but I just really liked it as it was and felt there was enough going on in the rest of the card, that it could just 'be' as it was. The only thing I did was trim it to size and edge the paper with some black ink.

Here is the Trifold open with all three of the central panels visible. The colouring that you see when the card is closed, is on the reverse side of the patterned paper panel, which as you close it, brings those scenes into place, to show through the front apertures when they're closed over it. I did a little simple stamping on the inside central panel and I added the sentiments so they would show through the upper and lower apertures when the front panel was closed over this part of the card. 

The cardstock I used to cut the Trifold base from is a lovely heavy weight black cardstock which has a beautiful shimmer to it, so I was quite happy to leave the black cardstock areas relatively plain. I did decide to add some fun 'Oil Slick' sequins from This Calls For Confetti randomly on the very front panel for a touch of magical bubbles. In good light, they shimmer and show their lovely shift in colours really well.

We are three days into our first fabulous Halloween release of the season and oh my goodness, it's ridiculous how happy these Halloween releases make me, but they do. For a girlie who didn't grow up celebrating Halloween, and isn't into truly creepy scary stuff, I have a deep love for the fun and festivities of Halloween. You won't find severed heads and creepy clowns in my home, but you may find some 'good witch' decor. I rather love the idea that witches were the original medicine women, misunderstood and much maligned. As a trained Aromatherapist, I like to embrace my 'inner witch' at Halloween and get my spook on with too cute to spook makes. So yes, there will be more, many more, before we reach Halloween. I totally understand if you choose to take a little break in visits, if Halloween isn't your thing, I'm giving fair warning, there will be more, hehe. Thank you friends for popping in today, I hope you will come back and I send hugs and thanks for indulging my random Halloween joy! Hugs and happy crafting, Wends xoxo

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aussie aNNie said…
Too cute are these stamps on your card, the shimmer, the stamping and colours are all stunning xx
Chris said…
A lovely design Wends- love the little 'peepholes' with the ghosties inside and how cute is it to have a back view of one of them!

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