Whimsy Stamps ~ Love My Peeps

Hi crafty friends, I'm back with a cute make I've created for Easter. I've gone for a rainbow of splashy inks and found cardstock to match from Scrapbook.com's Smooth Cardstock range. Perfect in the lovely bright hues they had in a couple of their packs. 

I wanted to have a rainbow of these adorable 'peeps' on this card in all their gorgeous hues and I wanted to have the background look as though they'd been splashed with colour and then sugared up. So I started with a fabulous rubber cling stamp from Whimsy called Paint Splatters Background. It was a bit of a trick to get all the different hues on the stamp, so I must say I was delighted with how it came out! 

I did my best to match the ink colour I used on the splatter background stamp with the bunny I was adding overtop. Of course it matched so well, they disappeared a little, so then came the idea to pop a bit of vellum underneath them to set them apart, just a little, from the splatter background. 

I used a slimline die set to create the vellum underlay, the one that was the right height was too narrow, so I opted for a longer die but cut it a bit shorter, so the vellum didn't cover the height of the card completely. I also wanted to make sure I had the bunnies as evenly spread along the vellum as possible, so you can see in the pic above the marking I made to show the centre and the placement of the middle bunny over it. I added the end bunnies next and then filled the two in between each side after that for as even a spread as possible. 

I wanted to make these 'peeps' like bunnies look like they were sugared confectionery. I took my larger broad nibbed Zig 2 Way Glue, lined up the peeps on some double sided Mint tape to hold it still while I added the glue to the front of the peeps and then sprinkled them liberally with Distress Rock Candy Glitter. They didn't take long to dry at all and I was able to work with them almost immediately.

I decided to use a cute die set I'd recently bought from Whimsy, which has some cute sentiment options, but loose letters, so you can totally choose to mix and match them so easily to work together to create different words than the ones originally intended. So I cut enough letters to be able to spell out 'Love My Peeps', a fun play on words for the little American Easter treats, but also true of my beautiful rainbow family.

I wish you all a beautiful Easter. For us here in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather is getting an Autumnal chill to it and the Autumn hues are starting to appear here and there. I love Autumn, it's my favourite time of year, but our celebrations always feel out of sync with our seasons. Easter makes sense in the Spring and Christmas makes sense in Winter! I loved our London years at these times, it all made better sense to me! Whatever the season and weather for you, I wish you a beautiful Easter. Hugs and see you again soon, Wends xoxo

(If you like any of the elements I've created with, I've added thumbnails to make your shopping easier. I do use affiliate links where possible, which gives me a tiny commission but costs you no extra whatsoever, though more importantly it helps the companies I design for to improve their marketing practice and track my contributions. I am deeply grateful if you use them for these reasons. I only design for companies whose products I absolutely love and buy for myself. My opinions are always my own.)

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Chris said…
This just so cute Wends!! Those bunnies look just loke jelly babies or should I say jelly bunnies! Love the rainbow colours and that beautiful stamped background too.
This is super-cute Wends - love your wee peeps, and how you sugared them!

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