Sweet Stampin' ~ Diecuts & Punches

Hello, hello my crafty friends. I know I've been a little quiet of late, I'm quite honestly a little exhausted these days. The winter days are setting in and it's cold and dreary and I find my energy is through my boots. But, I'm here today, not to moan about the weather, but to tell you all about our new challenge at Sweet Stampin'. (Man I love that crew, so blessed to have such a cool design team!) I am not being a great teamie lately however, as I've been getting my posts up late, for that I feel awful, but as they say, life sometimes just gets in the way! Today, in the nicest possible way, because, for the first time, since a while before we went into lockdown, we got to have a wider family gathering and it was such food for the soul! I got to see my two beautiful nieces who turned two earlier this year and Zac got to play with his cousins. Georgie had a friends party, so missed this gathering, but we are doing it again next month taking turn about to host. (Quite nice to do it this way, as I've 6 siblings, 5 that live here in Auckland, one in the States, plus our lovely mummy too, so it's not too stressful to host a couple of times a year!) The card I'm sharing today, was made for my lovely brother in law, who is a wonderful musician and has a grand piano! So this card, simple and elegant, was perfect for him! 

This is possibly the MOST CAS design I've ever made! It is a plain paper background, a popped up diecut of a grand piano and a simple stamped greeting. It really was such a simple creation, but oh so perfect for my lovely brother in law. We are blessed to have him in our lives and my brother and he are a huge part of my kiddies lives as we meet every Tuesday for a smaller family circle dinner at mine. He's so loved by my kiddies and so good with them, playing games and entertaining them tirelessly. He helps Georgie practice her German and along with my brother generally brings joy to our week.

As you can see from this angle, I popped the diecut up on foam for a bit of dimension. There really wasn't much I could do, or wanted to, with this design, the drama of the plain red background was what I wanted, nothing frou frou or fussy from the paper and a greeting which captured perfectly what his playing means to him, I think I kinda nailed it! He and my brother are such fans of my cards, they take a look every week at what I've newly created and are always so encouraging and lovely. It's always a joy to actually create a card for one of them!

I hope you'll come and check out our challenge today and come and join in the fun with us this week. It's not a difficult theme and I'm excited to see what the take is on the theme by everyone else. I took it right back to basics, but I'm so happy with this simple card. Can't wait to see what you'll create! Hugs, Wends xoxo


Faye Wynn-Jones said…
This is a super elegant card Wends x
Sarah said…
Ok, who has stole Wends!!? This is most definitley an imposter here with such a CAS card!! Seriously though it's fabulous for a grand piano owner, so grown up and the sentiment is fantastic. I think Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all our lives, my friend, exhausting us all in it's wake, so don't feel bad and enjoy life (hopefully) getting back on an even keel xx
Chris said…
Perfectly CAS, very elegant and a stunning die cut- so perfect for a musician!
Your brother in law sounds like a really lovely man!
I think we all go through times when life is a bit exhausting Wends- being a wife and mother and going to work is sometimes very difficult to juggle, finding time for yourself to relax and craft is the often the first thing to go when time is of a premium.
So pleased to read that life is back to 'normal' in NZ- so lovely to be able to meet up with your friends and family again :)
Looking forward to when it happens here!
Take care lovely lady, don't stress over the things that don't really matter and don't let yourself get too exhausted.
What a stunner Wends - and for a guy whom you think so highly of.
I love the sound of all your family gatherings - there is nothing quite as special. I am blessed by having two offspring and their families here in town and we see quite a bit of each other.
Take care and look after yourself my friend
Stay safe

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