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Hey friends, I've got another Halloween creation ready to share, so I'm getting in before the month runs out! Here is the Halloween Wreath I've been working on for some time. I had several ideas for this, I'd love to have done a Poe wreath with a raven and that's where my mind first went, I made a little wooden witches broom, that I thought could sit with the raven and a wee witches hat, but I couldn't get my hands on a raven! So, plan B, I decided to keep the witches broom and hat and pop it on some other décor and dress the wreath in a completely different way. I started thinking spiders, and wound up with a spider wreath, they're so terrifying (in my opinion) they've spooked the resident ghost! LOL.

I've shared a reel showing this wreath close up, but I've had issues capturing this wreath in good light, it's on a wall that the natural light doesn't really shine on, so I've done my best, but the pics are not perfect, sorry folks, forgive me!

The wreath started out as a macramé hoop and a feather boa. The boa was what made me initially plan to make a Poe creation, based on the Raven, but minus some really crucial pieces, the design evolved into the end wreath I shared above. 

So I wrapped the boa around the macramé hoop until it was completely wound around, which was a bit of a fluffy endeavour, but I love how it looks finished. Next came the long hunt for a raven, or a raven image that was large enough to colour to bring my vision to life, but nope, not this year, so I segued to the design above, I'd diecut the orange ghost for a bit of fun and then decided if I couldn't do Poe, I'd do an arachnophia wreath (I totally am that, one ran at me across the carpet the other day and I shrieked like a little girl!) So I put on my big girl pants, cut a bunch of spiders and a web and proceeded to deposit them around the wreath for maximum effect.

These spiders from Whimsy are so realistic and creepy so I had to cut them in orange to dial down the freak factor for me! Hehe. I had a fabulous spider web ribbon in my stash which tied the design together so nicely (pardon the pun!). I tucked in my creeped out ghostie and my design was done. I've made this with looser fixings, so that if I do find a good raven through the year, I can do my Poe wreath next Halloween. But I actually really love how this turned out the orange and black really pops and is a fun version for this year. 

Here are my little broom and hat I made which I'll stow now until next year. I just used them to decorate my pumpkins for this year, but I have other plans for them next year. I love how the little stick broom came together though!

We will be wrapping up our Halloween fun this season with a wonderful blog hop and I hope you'll be able to join us. I've linked the banner above to the Whimsy IG page and our kick off time is 4pm EST, which is actually tomorrow for me, hehe, I'll be all trick and treated out! But I cannot wait to see what these Halloweener darlin's have in store for us, because they're a madly talented crew and I know it's going to be good for our final wrap! So join us if you're able. I may yet be back with one more final Halloween make before the hop, so watch this space! Hugs and happy crafting, Wends xoxo

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aussie aNNie said…
Absolutely gorgeous cards, bow and love the ball of fluff xx
Dawn T said…
Amazing project Wendy.
Kim Potts said…
I'm right there with you on the total fear of spiders. I almost ran my car off the road one day due to a spider that crawled down the dash and I was sure would come out at my feet. EEK!!!

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